Benson Amps launches versatile preamp stompbox

Benson Amps Preamp
The Benson Preamp can be used as an EQ, drive unit, boost or buffer.

Watch Misha Mansoor demo his new Jackson signatures

Misha Mansoor Periphery Jackson Guitars
The Periphery guitarist gives the low-down on the new Jackson USA Signature Juggernaut models.

NoTone Amplification drops SE50 series of tube amps

NoTone Amplification SE50
Pick between American- and British-voiced units.

Grez Guitars unveils baritone semi-hollow

Grez Mendocino Baritone
The Mendocino Baritone boasts premium semi-hollow construction, components and specs.

Cort’s new electric guitar is a Tele-Les Paul mash-up

Cort Sunset TC
The Sunset TC has an LP’s single-cutaway shape and a Telecaster’s pickups.

Get psyched for ZVEX’s new psychedelic pedal

ZVEX Vibrophase
The Vibrophase is a vintage-inspired phaser and vibrato.

Mythos Pedals launches new edition of the Mjolnir overdrive

Mythos Wildwood Mjolnir
The boutique maker partners Wildwood Guitars on a redesigned version of its Klon-inspired drive unit.

The Golem overdrive will make the ground shudder

Deep Space Devices Golem
Deep Space Devices’ new stompbox is a germanium- and silicone-powered monster.

Dr No’s new pedal is a space cadet’s dream

Dr No Moon Canyon
The aptly named Moon Canyon packs an overdrive, reverb and delay into one stunning stompbox.

Solar Guitars adds eight electrics to its roster

Solar Guitars A1.6ET
Ola Englund’s company is on the up and up.