Bono of U2

The Genius Of… Achtung Baby by U2

Achtung Baby is now acclaimed as U2’s finest achievement, but the 1991 album nearly didn’t get made. In fact, its beginnings nearly split the Irish band apart.
The Edge and the guitar he gifted Noah Rafferty

Watch The Edge play rock ‘n’ roll Santa and gift a 10-year-old superfan a...

As part of RTÉ’s Christmas charity show The Late Late Toy Show
U2 Performing live

Watch Bono and The Edge cover Stairway To Heaven

Dedicated to the U2 road crew.

U2 share new song with AR Rahman: Listen

U2 have released Ahimsa with Indian musician AR Rahman, their first single in two years. The song follows the band's last full length album,...

Ed Sheeran beats U2 to claim record for highest-grossing tour ever

The pop megastar has also beaten U2 when it came to attendance figures and days spent on tour.
Bono U2 2009

U2’s Bono and the Edge spotted busking in Dublin on Christmas Eve

The duo joined fellow Irish musicians to raise funds for the homeless.


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