Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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gibson les paul vintage

25 ways to upgrade your Gibson Les Paul

From easy, zero-cost modifications to tone-expanding wiring changes, there are many ways to customise, improve and upgrade your Les Paul. Here are our picks of the very best.
Using a contact cleaner

How to clean output jacks, pots and switches

Keep your instrument's circuitry in top condition.
red stratocaster mods upgrades

25 ways to upgrade your Fender Stratocaster

How can you improve a guitar that’s been described as already close to perfection? Here are 25 ways to make your Fender Strat play and sound better than ever before.
Adjusting intonation with strobe tuner app

How to make basic intonation adjustments

Unable to play in tune across the neck? This quick fix should help.
Setting string radius with a radius gauge

How to set string radius

A free online cutout is all you need to get cracking.
DIY Repairing a jack lead hero

How to repair a jack lead

Before discarding faulty cables, try out this simple fix.

DIY Workshop: How to build and assemble a Martin Guitar Kit

An eight-part series on assembling your own Martin guitar from the official kit.

How to cure a choke out

Can't get that big bend? Try this out...
DIY Flying V 50s spec hero

DIY: How to convert an Epiphone Flying V to 1950s spec (Part One)

Far rarer than Les Paul Standards of the same year, few people have even seen a 1958 Gibson Flying V in the flesh, let alone played one. We take an Epiphone Joe Bonamassa signature ‘Amos’ model and see how close we can get to the Holy Grail.
How to restring Bigsby

How to restring a Bigsby guitar

The process isn't as complicated as most make it out to be.

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