DIY Workshop

Tech Talk: How to set pickup heights

Many players replace their pickups before they’ve even experimented with the way their heights are set. Knowing how to do this could save you some money and unlock some authentic shoegaze tones into the bargain.

DIY Workshop: How to install a humbucker in a Blackguard Telecaster

Looking to give your Tele more of a Keith Richards vibe? Here’s how it’s done.

Tech Talk: How to fit a Mastery Bridge to a Jaguar with a mute

Want to upgrade the bridge on your vintage-style Jag but maintain a functional mute? Let us be your guide…

DIY Workshop: Build your own fuzz pedal

How to build a basic Fuzz Face clone from scratch and turn it into a ‘boutique’ version with precision biasing, transistor switching and more.

Tech Talk: An emergency Christmas repair

Fixing a tiny guitar presents unique challenges.

DIY Workshop: Höfner Violin Bass restoration

The action is sky high, it won’t play in tune and the neck is coming off. But don’t get your violins out just yet because this Höfner 500/1 is getting a second chance to twist and shout.

Tech Talk: Preparing guitars for a cross-country move

Padding, packing and protection – how to ensure your prized guitars stay safe in a big move.

DIY Workshop: 1965 Gibson Firebird restoration part one

It will take some work to make this much-modified vintage ’bird fly again. First it needs a refret and some woodwork…

Tech Talk: How to fix a Jazzmaster vibrato

Vibrato making an annoying ‘clunk’ when the arm is depressed? Here’s how to fix it

DIY Workshop: How to relic a 1950s-style sunburst finish

After a break for lacquer curing, sun fading and tinted clear coats, it’s time to see how close we can get to the look of a vintage instrument.