Thursday, October 17, 2019

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Vintage Fenders

How to buy a vintage guitar – tips from industry experts

We asked a range of vintage-guitar aficionados, industry experts, dealers and players for tips on securing the guitar of your dreams.
Gibson ES-335 Natural finish

An oral history of the Gibson ES-335

The ES-335 may be the greatest and most versatile electric guitar ever crafted within the hallowed walls of 225 Parsons St, Kalamazoo. Here, iconic figures such as Ted McCarty, Mark Knopfler and Larry Carlton recount the tale of the model’s revolutionary development and enduring influence.
Fender 1954 rare stratocaster

An oral history of the Fender Stratocaster

We chart the development of an icon of mid-century modern design and hear from the people who witnessed its development and evolution first-hand.
ramones 1978

Five of our favourite Ramones albums

We pick the legendary New York band’s definitive records.
Bob Dylan Singers Club Christmas uk

Five of Bob Dylan’s most influential sidemen

On the troubadour’s 78th birthday today, we look at the heroes who helped shape his sound.
bill orcutt

The Left Field: Bill Orcutt plays blues from another dimension

The outsider guitarist melds Delta blues, punk and noise rock into his freewheeling improvisational style.
bb king lucille ringo starr

Why BB King’s Lucille was more than just any old guitar

On the anniversary of the legendary bluesman’s passing, we remember one of the most iconic instruments of all time.
Yoshimi P-We OOIOO Boredoms

The Left Field: Play in OOIOO’s technicolour psych-rock wonderland

Meet the quirky Japanese band that inspired the Flaming Lips’ Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots.
group doueh

The Left Field: Group Doueh play blues-rock from Western Sahara

This family band have pricked the ears of fans around the globe for their sweltering blend of African and Western sounds – just don’t call it “world music”.
christian fennesz live guitar jazzmaster

The Left Field: Meet Fennesz, modern-day answer to Kevin Shields

Austrian composer and guitarist Christian Fennesz weaves shoegaze and electronic music into ambient tapestries.

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