Thursday, April 25, 2019


Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Part Eight: Double Stops

We're taking a look at a concept that will add something new to your lead playing: double stops.
Dire Straits Mark Knopfler

Learn To Play… Sultans Of Swing

Learn to play Dire Straits' 'Sultans Of Swing', with the help of Ollie from Your Guitar Academy.

Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Part Seven: Left Hand Technique – Legato

In Lesson Six we talked about using our 12 bar blue pattern and integrating some picked notes from the Minor Pentatonic scale. Now that we’re familiar with some of the notes we can use, it’s time to look at some fretting hand techniques we can start to apply to enhance the notes we are playing.
Essential Blues Pt. 6: Combining Basic Rhythm and Lead

Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Part Six: Combining Basic Rhythm and Lead

In Lesson Five we discussed the Minor Pentatonic Scale in it’s first shape. This scale will be used to start forming our lead guitar lines.
Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Pt 5: The Minor Pentatonic Scale

Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Part Five: The Minor Pentatonic Scale

Now that you’ve got your 12 bar rhythms nailed and you’ve started to learn about turnarounds, the next step is to start to integrate the idea of some lead guitar into what we do.
Guitarist live semi-hollow guitar

Music Theory for Beginners 5: Key signatures, relative majors and relative minors

An introduction to the relative majors and minors – the key to songwriting and improvising.
John Mayer Stratocaster

Learn To Play… In The Style Of John Mayer

Learn to combine your rhythm and lead parts in the style of Grammy-winning guitarist John Mayer, with the help of Dion from Your Guitar Academy.
John mayer stratocaster

Learn To Play… New Light Solo by John Mayer

In our second 'New Light' tuition video from Your Guitar Academy, we teach you how to play the solo of John Mayer's 2018 viral hit.
Robert Johnson Crossroads Highway 61 blues guitar

Music Theory for Beginners 4: Introduction to blues scales

Get acquainted with the minor and major blues scales: how to identify the ‘blue notes’, how they are linked to the pentatonic scales, and simple box patterns.

Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Part Two: The Shuffle

In the second part of our exclusive new tuition series, MGR Music tutor Leigh Fuge adds some rhythm to the 12-bar blues format that we learned last time…

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