11 new electric and acoustic guitars for June 2018

New electric acoustic guitars June 2018
Our favorite new guitar announcements, releases and rumors of the past month.

Electro-Harmonix’s new pedal is its “best reverb” yet

Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb
The Oceans 11 crams 11 reverb types—from calm to crazy—into one slim stompbox.

Feast your eyes on these two new Warwick basses

Warwick Masterbuilt Streamer Stage I LTD
The Masterbuilt Streamer Stage I LTD and Teambuilt Streamer LX LTD are as premium as they come.

Orange recruits Orianthi as its newest ambassador

Orianthi Orange Amps
Legendary amp brand plus guitar goddess equals match made in rock ’n’ roll heaven.

Solar Guitars unveils At the Gates signature guitar

Solar Guitars At the Gates
The A1.6 ATG brings premium features to a metal-ready baritone instrument.

SoundBrut updates its DRVA overdrive/boost pedal

The MKII version of the dual-effect stompbox adds more tone-shaping features.

Want your precious guitar to float over your wall?

Hoverguitar Kickstarter
With the Hoverguitar, flaunt your six-string like the work of art it is.

Collings Guitars honors its founder with a special edition AT 16

Bill Collings Tribute AT 16
The master luthier gets a fitting tribute in the form of a beautiful acoustic archtop guitar.

Framus releases two William DuVall signature guitars

Framus Masterbuilt William DuVall Talisman Signature
The Alice in Chains guitarist gets a pair of signature Talismans.

BluGuitar announces lightweight 2×12 cabinet

BluGuitar TwinCab
The TwinCab yields different tones depending on its physical orientation.