Build your own bass fuzz with MOD Kits DIY’s new set

MOD Kits DIY Rock Bottom
Once you’re done assembling it, The Rock Bottom can go from sludge to a clean boost—and everything in-between.

Noisemaker Industries unveils very limited edition artwork for five pedals

Noisemaker Blue Loveless
The Blue Loveless, Mother Russia Fuzz, Kawaii Khaos, Nebula Classic and Isn’t Anything boast new graphics—and shoegaze fans will find a few familiar.

Gibson releases Vivian Campbell Signature Les Paul Custom

Gibson Vivian Campbell Les Paul Custom Signature
Featuring the Def Leppard guitarist's very own autograph, this axe looks 100% rock-ready.

Ernie Ball Music Man announces Ball Family Reserve March collection

Ernie Ball Music Man Family Reserve March 2018
This month's offerings include new variations of the Axis, Cutlass and John Petrucci signature models.

Own virtually any bass tone with TC Electronic’s new SpectraDrive

TC electronics Spectradrive
The SpectraDrive takes everything that TC knows about bass tone and packs it into a feature-loaded stompbox.

Malekko has a new multi-tap delay/chorus pedal

Malekko Thicken pedal
The Thicken stompbox combines delay and chorus effects to create thick, syrupy tones.

Gibson’s Gary Clark Jr Signature SG earns a new finish: Vintage Cherry

Gary Clark Jr Signature SG Gibson Vintage Cherry
The Grammy Award-winning guitarist’s signature axe now sports a luscious red finish.

Keeley Electronics packs an amplifier into a stompbox

Keeley Electronics Germanium Amplifier Pedal
The Germanium Amplifier is a handcrafted preamp that features—you guessed it—germanium transistors.

Try out Gamechanger Audio’s Plasma Pedal online

Test this electrifying pedal out for yourself using Gamechanger’s innovative online trial.

The Birdcord lets you power your pedals via USB

Songbird FX Birdcord
With Songbird FX's new cable, you’ll never pay for batteries or be confined to the vicinity of a power socket again.