Sunday, August 25, 2019


PRS Private Stock Crossroads Santana pre-factory body

PRS unveils limited-edition private stock axe for Santana

Only six instruments have been made.
EAE StompMix 4

EAE’s StompMix 4 lets you mix with your feet

Four-channel mixer also features a compressor, limiter and high-pass filter.
Morley 20/20 Bad Horsie Wah

Morley introduces trio of wah pedals from new 20/20 line

Pedalboard-friendly units feature onboard buffer and glow-in-the-dark details.
Slipknot Mick Thomson Download Festival 2019

Slipknot are plotting the release of outtakes from All Hope Is Gone era

Shawn Crahan revealed that 11 leftover tracks might drop soon.
Ziggy Stardust At Bingeheimer Party

See Johnny Flynn play David Bowie in new images from Stardust

It depicts a snapshot of the late singer's life during his transformation into Ziggy Stardust

Gibson reissues Clapton’s iconic 1964 Firebird I

The limited-edition guitar is launched simultaneously with the Crossroads Guitar Festival.

Watch: Funk legend Nile Rodgers plays travel guitar from boutique UK builder

The Chic co-founder lays down some chops with a Traxe Solo made by Snap Dragon guitars.

Fender Custom Shop reveals Phil Lynott signature bass

This bass doesn't come with a Bad Reputation.
Tony Pizzuti holding signature Balaguer Guitars Espada T-Bar

Balaguer Guitars’ Espada T-Bar is an evolved offset baritone axe

A signature model for The Word Alive’s Tony Pizzuti.
Foo Fighters Live

A 2020 Foo Fighters record might be on the way

According to drummer Taylor Hawkins in a recent interview.

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