Revealed: John Mayer’s pedalboard

Highlights include Source Audio’s True Spring Reverb and a Strymon Volante.

John Mayer’s ever-evolving pedalboard has always been a point of fascination for six-string enthusiasts. Thanks to an Instagram post by Source Audio, you can finally catch a glimpse of the ‘board the New Light singer used while on tour with Dead & Company.

In the Instagram post, Source Audio revealed that Mayer is indeed using the company’s True Spring Reverb pedal, as well as a few Strymon, Dunlop and EHX units. The entire signal chain is detailed in another post by an Instagram fan account.


The board is also stocked with some of Mayer’s well-documented favourites: a Klon Centaur, an Ibanez TS10 and an Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron+. Another interesting spot is Strymon’s tape delay behemoth, the Volante.

Besides pedals, Mayer has also been pictured using a triple-humbucker PRS model, which appears to be a modified version of his PRS Super Eagle.

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