Wednesday, February 20, 2019

John Mayer

NAMM 2019: PRS announces new Silver Sky finishes

prs silver sky blue golden
Four new finishes for John Mayer's signature guitar.

Learn To Play… In The Style Of John Mayer

John Mayer Stratocaster
Learn to combine your rhythm and lead parts in the style of Grammy-winning guitarist John Mayer, with the help of Dion from Your Guitar Academy.

Learn To Play… New Light Solo by John Mayer

John mayer stratocaster
In our second 'New Light' tuition video from Your Guitar Academy, we teach you how to play the solo of John Mayer's 2018 viral hit.

Learn To Play… New Light by John Mayer

Learn to play the rhythm section of John Mayer's 2018 viral hit, New Light, with the help of Dion from Your Guitar Academy.

PRS Silver Sky Review

After two years of exhaustive R&D, March 2018 saw one of the industry’s worst-kept secrets become the most talked-about guitar in recent history. Depending on whom you believe, John Mayer and Paul Reed Smith’s Silver Sky is either ‘the future of a classic design’ or just another Strat copy with the ‘wrong’ headstock. We play the guitar at the centre of an online storm and speaks to the man who brought John Mayer’s vision to life…

Watch Paul Reed Smith defend the Silver Sky

Paul Reed Smith demo lifestyle
“Everybody on the internet has got 25 years of experience, even the 14-year-old in Waco, Texas.”

Watch John Mayer wax lyrical about his PRS Silver Sky

John Mayer PRS Silver Sky
“Is it a Strat with a PRS headstock? Well, it’s not and I’ll tell you why.”

John Mayer finally reveals his signature PRS axe

John Mayer PRS Silver Sky
John Mayer fans, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived—and you won't be disappointed.

John Mayer teases photo of Strat-like PRS guitar

John Mayer PRS live
Could it be the bluesman’s upcoming signature model?

PRS unveils new John Mayer guitar: the Super Eagle II

It’s no secret that John Mayer’s main guitar on tour with Dead & Company has been the PRS Super Eagle, launched last spring.

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