Big Ear launches the Albie, a stompbox dream machine

Is this multi-effects pedal the perfect new wave tone machine?

Guitar Rig 6 Pro to launch this October 2020

Introducing three new amplifiers, Intelligent Circuit Modeling and fresh new look.

Harley Benton debuts its first multi-effects pedal, the DNAfx GiT

With non-linear digital modelling and IR-loading capabilities.

Beebo brings powerful modular synthesis to your pedalboard

Directly porting modular effects from popular Eurorack modules.

HeadRush launches firmware 2.0 update for Looperboard with numerous new features

Introducing a reworked effects section, intelligent time-stretching and loads more.

First orders open for Line 6’s HX Stomp in Stormtrooper White

Set phasers to stun– wait, not that.

Nux launches the MG-300 Modelling Guitar Processor

Packing in a fully-featured modelling engine.

The best pedals to buy in 2020: 15 best multi-effects pedals

Here are the top multi-talented stompboxes of the moment.

The GE300 Lite is the scaled-down edition of Mooer’s flagship multi-effects unit

This feature-packed pedal offers 164 effects, 108 digital amp models and an IR loader

Thermion unveils the Zero, a versatile ‘pedal amp’ with reverb and a toggleable FX loop

Handy features reinforce this amp’s use on gigs, at home or in the studio.