Matthew Pywell

Introducing… Black Honey, the indie upstarts trading in wide-screen guitar sounds and cinematic ambitions

The band discuss the retro-fabulous sound of their forthcoming LP, using Jack White’s old amps, and seeing how many fuzz pedals you can stick on a guitar at once.

“I consciously try to not turn the guitar up too much!”: Slow Pulp on finding balance on new LP Moveys

The Chicago trio on how they channelled personal difficulties into their latest album, recording with your dad as the engineer, and why they unapologetically stan for Coldplay…

​“Just being a band, fighting all the obstacles. That’s already a win”: Hinds’ Ana Perrotte on being a woman in music

The Spanish garage rockers’ lead guitarist on Jazzmasters, bass distortion, the band’s enduring love of nylon-string guitar, and why they’re tackling the patriarchy one song at a time on new album The Prettiest Curse.

“We didn’t recognise any pressure, we just went into it having fun”: Doves on their triumphant return

With new album The Universal Want demonstrating that the Manchester three-piece are revitalised after 11 years on hiatus, we caught up with guitarist Jez Williams to talk 335s, recording with Dictaphones and making noises like jet engines.

“It feels like I’m reacting to stuff that happened years ago”: Christian Lee Hutson on the long gestation of his Phoebe Bridgers-produced album

The singer-songwriter on his debut, how house fires make acoustic guitars sound better, and why having his “co-dependent” writing partner in the producer’s chair helped him realise his vision at long last.