DIY Workshop

DIY Workshop: How to make old guitars play and stay in tune

We show you how to tackle two of the main offenders when it comes to tuning woes: the infamous Bigsby vibrato and the tuners themselves.

How to bring an obscure 60s guitar back from the dead

British-made Grimshaw guitars of the early 60s could hold their own with many of the USA-made instruments of the time, but this SS Deluxe model needs a little TLC.

Amp FAQ: What will I need to run an amplifier made in America into UK 240v mains supply?

This month, Rift’s head honcho Chris Fantana tackles the potentially explosive issue of international mains voltage variances.

Tech Talk: Hardtail heartache

In the first instalment of a new column, Michael James Adams finds that an abrasive approach can yield positive results when dealing with a tricky string breakage issue.

How to build your own spring reverb unit

How to build an add-on tube-driven spring reverb module based on classic Ampeg and Swart-style circuitry that can be retrofitted to loads of different amplifiers.

DIY Workshop: How to build a speaker cabinet (Part Two)

The woodwork is mostly complete, but a lot of work still needs to be done before our DIY combo cabinet looks the part. Time to tackle the tweed.

DIY Workshop: How to build a speaker cabinet (Part One)

Following on from our Bell & Howell Filmosound projector amp conversion project, it’s time to make some decisions about speakers and figure out how to house it in a cabinet.

DIY Workshop: How to create a double-neck banjo/guitar hybrid

No, you are not seeing some kind of error; this double-neck banjo/guitar behemoth really does exist. Read on to find out how – and why – the Countrymaster came to be.

Guitar DIY: How to perform a basic Fender Telecaster setup

We show you how to tweak your Tele so it plays like a dream.

DIY Workshop: How to refret a vintage Fender guitar

Getting old frets out is generally a lot harder than getting the new ones in. Here’s how to refret a vintage Fender with a little lateral thinking.