NAMM 2024 Live: Our top moments from the biggest gear show in the world

NAMM’s over, and we sure did have a blast – here are our top moments and the biggest gear launches from the show.

The NAMM show

Credit: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

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NAMM 2024 has officially wrapped – the world’s biggest guitar, amp and effects show returned to its traditional January slot and with it came an inevitable deluge of exciting new product launches – even from brands that didn’t have a physical presence at the show.

NAMM kicked off at 10am on 25 January and ran through until the 28th, and Guitar.com was on the show floor to bring you all the latest news and coolest new gear we found.

This guitar shielded its owner from an explosion at the nail factory

Nail guitar on display at NAMM
Credit: Josh Gardner/Guitar.com

This display piece from guitar designer Bob Robinson is quite the sight to behold. It’s covered in nails the length of its body and fretboard – not to mention it doesn’t have any strings – so we’d imagine playing this monstrosity to be somewhat of a thorny affair.

Eastman Guitars D’Ambrosio Series

Eastman Guitars D'Ambrosio Series
Credit: Josh Gardner/Guitar.com

Here we have two models from Eastman Guitars’ all-new D’Ambrosio Series, which offers sustainably reclaimed tonewoods and a host of pickup options and body shapes. Designed in collaboration with master luthier Otto D’Ambrosio, the guitars use materials from “only the best suppliers in the guitar-making community”.

“Everything within D’Ambrosio Series reflects that clear goal; from rare, reclaimed tonewoods offering a signature voice, to custom hand-wound pickups eliciting nuanced tonality, to a new, unique design optimized for playability,” the brand says.

Adrian Vandenberg’s cult classic Peavey signature model returns

Peavey Adrian Vandenberg signature model
Credit: Josh Gardner/Guitar.com

Over the weekend, Peavey announced the return of the Adrian Vandenberg signature model, which gained something of a cult status in the 1980s. Alongside its Floyd Rose bridge and Seymour Duncan pickups, the guitar arrives in three finishes: Rock-It Pink, Matte Black and Purple Flame (pictured above). There are differing configurations, too: “the Purple Flame variant comes with two humbuckers, while the Pink and Black versions some with single coils in the neck position.

Lerxst x Godin Limelight!

Lerxst Limelight guitar hanging on a wall at NAMM
Credit: Josh Gardner/Guitar.com

We visited the Godin booth to check out the Limelight, the first guitar under the Lerxst name, developed in collaboration with Godin. For those unfamiliar with Alex Lifeson’s career, the instrument is inspired by the Hentor Sportscaster guitars he used in the mid-’80s.

We went to check out the SL-100, the first fruit of Slash’s new partnership with Magnatone

Slash Magnatone SL-100 amp head and cap
Credit: Josh Gardner/Guitar.com

If you’ll recall, Slash announced a new partnership with Magnatone last year. At the time, the news fuelled speculation that the Guns N’ Roses guitarist had jumped ship from Marshall, but he later confirmed that was not the case, and that he’d remain an artist for both brands. The Slash SL-100 Signature 100-watt amp head and 4×12 cab are now a reality, and we had the distinct pleasure of checking them out this weekend.

New Guild Polaras in person!

Guild Polara guitars
Credit: Josh Gardner/Guitar.com

We made it to the Guild booth to check out some of the eye-catching guitars in the brand’s new Polara range. For the uninitiated, Guild launched the Polara platform over the weekend after the success of the Kim Thayil S-100 Polara, its collaboration with the Soundgarden guitarist which launched last year.

Read more about Guild’s new “next-generation” Polara platform

A BIG teaser from Neural DSP…

Neural DSP teaser text at NAMM 2024
Credit: Josh Gardner/Guitar.com

Neural DSP appear to be teasing something in a pretty big way. Unfortunately, there’s little in the way of info, so we’ll leave you to speculate on what might be on the horizon…

The EVH SA-126 has landed – right in time for Eddie Van Halen’s birthday

Wolfgang Van Halen holding the new EVH SA-126
Credit: EVH

After months of anticipation, the EVH SA-126 – the result of three years of collaboration between Wolfgang Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen’s longtime guitar tech Matt Bruck and EVH master builder Chip Ellis – has officially arrived. Available in two configurations each with two lush colourways, it’s a real beauty. And the best part? It’s arrived right on Eddie Van Halen’s birthday.

Read more about the EVH SA-126

Martin acoustics hand-painted by artist-in-residence Robert Goetzl

Martin guitars hand-painted by artist-in-residence Robert Goetzl
Credit: Josh Gardner/Guitar.com

More from the Martin booth now – we managed to feast our eyes on these glorious Martin acoustics, which have been hand-painted by the company’s artist in residence Robert Goetzl.

New Yamaha Pacificas in the flesh!

Yamaha Pacifica electric guitars on display at NAMM 2024
Credit: Josh Gardner/Guitar.com

The introduction of a range of new ultra-high-end Yamaha Pacifica electric guitars is a contender for the biggest guitar news of the NAMM Show. So we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to head down to the Yamaha booth and grab a couple of snaps. We can attest, they look even tastier in person.

And here’s a shot of a new Yamaha Pacifica in the making…

Yamaha Pacifica unfinished
Credit: Josh Gardner/Guitar.com

We’ve even been lucky enough at this early stage to look beneath the hood of the new Pacifica models. This unfinished guitar showcases the new routing channels (to the right of the pickups), which Yamaha tells us make the guitar resonate more evenly across its body.

Guitar designed using AI text-to-image generator Midjourney on display

AI guitar designed using Midjourney
Credit: Josh Gardner/Guitar.com

Like it or not, AI is here to stay, and this guitar – designed by luthier and YouTube Omer Deutsch of OD Guitars – on display at the 2024 NAMM Show proves it. We’re not entirely sure how – or even if – it can be played, but for now we’re happy ogling from a distance.

Priceless 1870 Martin acoustic smashed on the set of The Hateful Eight on display at NAMM

1870 Martin smashed on the set of The Hateful Eight on display at NAMM 2024
Credit: Josh Gardner/Guitar.com

As the story goes, the Martin Guitar museum lent Quentin Tarantino this priceless acoustic – which dates back to 1870! – to use on the set of his 2015 movie, The Hateful Eight. In one scene, Kurt Russell batters the instrument beyond repair. But the incident was actually down to an on-set mix-up; the guitar was meant to be swapped for a prop model, but never was. So there you have it, a priceless instrument needlessly destroyed. Makes for a good story though, right?

Ernie Ball… vending machine?

Ernie Ball string vending machine
Credit: Josh Gardner/Guitar.com

We’re on the show floor, and we’ve just spotted something we sincerely hope makes it to every recording studio and practice space in the world… an Ernie Ball guitar string vending machine. Hell, we’d back replacing the candy bar vending machines at train stations with these. Not sure everyone else would, though.

Taylor launches the Circa 74, its first amp ever, and it looks like a piece of furniture

Not only is Taylor celebrating its 50th Anniversary with a limited-edition series featuring its best-selling acoustics over the years, the guitar giant has also unveiled its first-ever amp offering, the Circa 74. Named, obviously, for the company’s founding year, the amp is as stylish and tasteful as any other product in the Taylor lineup, with an undeniably classy aesthetic akin to a piece of furniture.

A solid-state 150W 2-channel combo amp, the Circa 74 features a 10″ speaker designed for both acoustic guitarists and vocalists, while each channel features an additional three-band EQ and reverb control. And the best part? It only weighs 24lbs without the stand.

Zoom’s new MS-200D+ multi-effects stompbox has a fun colour-changing screen

Zoom has announced the MS-200D+, its latest multi-effects stompbox packed with a wicked collection of drives and distortions.

With a whopping 200 built-in effects, including 164 Zoom presets and 36 emulations of classic tones that cover overdrives, distortions, boosts, fuzz, and more, the MS-200D+ is set to get you shredding like no other.

Read more about the Zoom MS-200D+

KMA Machines launches its “most ambitious device yet”, the Endgame

KMA Machines has unveiled the Endgame, a multi-functional pedal it’s calling its “most ambitious device yet”.

Designed to work at the end of an effects chain, the Endgame was designed with convenience in mind; KMA has truly went to town on the tech, packing in an alluring number of features. For example, there’s a Stereo FX Loop, DUAL IR Cab and Tube-Power Amp Simulation, as well as KMA’s True Double-Tracker (TDT).

Read more about the KMA Machines Endgame

Gamechanger Audio continues to innovate with new modular pedals

Is there a pedal brand that more lives up to its name than Gamechanger Audio? These new effects units from the innovative brand incorporate modular-synth-style patch cabling, allowing you to use your playing dynamics to modulate various parameters across the connected pedals. Right now, the initial run consists of a reverb, delay and chorus. And as you can hear in Reverb’s video above, you can get some very cool sounds indeed from the setup!

Ernie Ball Music Man unveils Rabea Massaad Signature Sabre models in two stunning finishes

The first fruits of a relatively fresh partnership between Ernie Ball Music Man and guitarist and YouTuber Rabea Massaad, this new signature guitar is based on EBMM’s Sabre blueprint, and arrive in two distinct finishes – Vileblood Burst and Frenzied Flame Burst.

“When I got a Sabre the first time and got to play one, I really enjoyed the feel of it, the look of them being a double cut,” says Massaad. “And when it came to talk about doing an artist model, I felt like the Sabre was the most ‘me-shaped guitar’ and I just really wanted to adapt it to my own tastes. Overall it reminds me a lot of guitars I’ve played over the years; it feels familiar, the shape.”

Read more about the Ernie Ball Music Man’s Rabea Massaad Signature Sabre

Guild launches all-new “next-generation” Polara platform

Guild Polara platform
Credit: Guild Guitars

Building on the success of the Kim Thayil Artist Edition S-100 Polara, Guild has launched the brand new Polara platform. Comprising a slew of new models – including a more affordable Thayil-approved model, as well as three new guitars, the Polara, Polara Deluxe and Polara Night, the range offers a host of options and price points for every player.

Read more about Guild’s new Polara platform

Alex Lifeson’s Lerxst launches its first-ever guitar, the Limelight, in collaboration with Godin

Alex Lifeson holding a Lerxst Limelight guitar
Credit: Lerxst/Godin

Alex Lifeson’s Lerxst brand has, until now, only made amplifiers, and one overdrive pedal, the By-Tor. But the company has now joined forces with Godin Guitars for its first-ever six-string model, the Limelight.

Inspired by Lifeson’s iconic Hentor Sportscaster guitars of the mid-’80s, the Limelight reimagines that original concept with “modern part selection and craftsmanship to create a high-quality, forward-thinking instrument designed for today’s players”.

Read more about the Lerxst x Godin Limelight

Electro-Harmonix launches limited-edition Big Muff Pi – but it sells out in just over an hour

Electro-Harmonix is celebrating the Golden Anniversary of the Ram’s Head circuit and legendary Big Muff in style.

To mark the Ram’s Head turning 50, as well as the Big Muff’s 55th birthday, EHX has splashed out and created a golden Big Muff pedal. It was limited to 555 units, however we’re sorry to say that the pedal sold out in only 69 minutes.

You can read more though and wonder what could have been

Victory launches The Deputy in collaboration with Pete Honore, plus new MK Series amps

Victory has announced three new amp models for NAMM 2024: the Deputy – which was developed in partnership with guitarist and Andertons YouTube channel presenter Pete Honore – and two new additions to its MK Series.

Touted as a “testament to simplicity”, the Deputy is said to deliver a “pure and powerful classic rock experience while maintaining Victory’s core values of simplicity in design and sound”.

Meanwhile, the MK Clean and MK Overdrive are two hand-made valve guitar amps marking the “culmination of everything [lead designer] Martin Kidd has learnt during his illustrious career.

Read more about Victory’s new amp offerings

Donner partners with Jack White’s Third Man Hardware for new 3-in-1 multi-effects pedal, the Triple Threat

[L-R] Donner x Third Man Triple Threat
Credit: Donner/Third Man Hardware
After initially being teased earlier this month, the Triple Threat – a new multi-effects pedal designed collaboratively with both budget brand Donner and Jack White’s Third Man Hardware – has officially arrived.

Read more about the Donner x Third Man Hardware Triple Threat

Taylor’s 50th anniversary limited edition series to feature the brand’s best-selling guitar models over the years

Taylor 50th Anniversary guitars
Image: Taylor Guitars

Taylor has been in the business an impressive 50 years, and it’s celebrating in style with its new 50th Anniversary Limited Edition series.

This collection, rolling out throughout 2024, will feature commemorative versions of iconic best-selling Taylor models that reflect the diverse tastes and styles of Taylor guitar players over the years.

Read more about Taylor’s 50th Anniversary Limited Edition series

Yamaha launches four new high-end Pacifica models

Three new Yamaha Pacifica models. Two are stood upright - one is blue and the other is a warm wooden tone - and a pale blue model with a gradient pink finish is on its side.
Image: Yamaha

In one of the biggest announcements from the show, Yamaha has launched four new high-end Pacifica models. You’ll be aware that the Pacifica has long been regarded as an entry-level model – until now…

The guitars were designed to “serve the needs of contemporary guitarists performing all styles of music”, from serious players to touring musicians, and recording professionals. Yamaha says they’ve been crafted in Japan by master luthiers.

Read more about Yamaha’s new Pacifica Professional and Standard Plus guitars

Gibson launches “artfully recreated” Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom

Gibson Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom
Credit: Gibson

Gibson has unveiled its latest axe in collaboration with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, this time an “artfully recreated” version of his 1989 Les Paul Custom.

Hammett’s original ‘89 Les Paul Custom was the first Les Paul model he ever played live on stage. The “blacked-out” axe accompanied him on the …And Justice For All Tour, and went on to be used by the rocker for decades.

Read more about the Gibson Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom

Positive Grid launches Spark LINK and Spark LIVE

Positive Grid's Spark LINK, which shows two gold coloured devices with plugs attached (left). Spark LIVE (right) which is a compact amp. A guitarist is plugged into it and is resting their foot on it as they play.
Images: Positive Grid

Positive Grid has announced the launch of two new Spark products – the LINK wireless system and LIVE Smart amp and PA system – both ideal for players taking to the stage.

Spark LIVE is a portable, multi-channel, “all-in-one” smart amp and PA system, while Spark LINK is a wireless guitar system designed to work with any amp, guitar or gear.

Read more about the Positive Grid Spark LIVE and Spark Link

Vox launches recreations of the first-ever wah pedals

Vox recreations of first-ever wah pedals
Image: Vox

Vox has jumped on board the nostalgia train with the faithful recreation of its first two production wah pedals. The VRM-1 Real McCoy and the V846 Vintage, set to be showcased at this year’s NAMM show, offer a glimpse into the iconic soundscapes of the ’60s.

Read more about Vox’s new wah pedals

Gary Holt, Bill Kelliher and George Lynch signature guitars feature in ESP’s eight-strong Signature Series lineup

ESP Signature Series
Credit: ESP

While ESP has announced a plethora of new products – including new LTD Deluxe models and its 2024 Exhibition Series lineup – we’re particularly intrigued by some new additions to its Signature Series.

They include new guitars for Exodus’s Gary Holt, George Lynch, Kreator’s Mille Petrozza, Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher, Death Angel’s Ted Aguilar and Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen, and two new basses for Kreator’s Fred Leclercq and Soulfly’s Mike Leon.

Read more about ESP’s 2024 Signature Series models

Blackstar upgrades its ID:CORE range with V4 amps for both experts and beginners

Blackstar ID:CORE V4 amplifier in use. A person is sitting behind the amp and is playing guitar. The amplifier is black all over, small in size, and features the Blackstar logo on the grille.
Image: Blackstar

Blackstar has officially launched a new line up of its award-winning ID:CORE amps – the ID:CORE V4 range. These newly upgraded amplifiers are compact and “versatile” for both beginners and experienced players alike.

The V4 range consists of three new amps – a 40 watt, 20 watt, and 10 watt – with each carrying over features from the former V3 range, plus further improvements for “an aspiring or experienced guitarist’s practise and recording needs”.

Read more about Blackstar’s V4 ID:CORE amps

Gretsch launches limited-edition Pristine Electromatics

Gretsch Pristine LTD Electromatics
Image: Gretsch Guitars

Gretsch is kicking off the new year with a bang with the release of some swanky-looking single-cut and double-cut models as part of its Pristine LTD series.

Inspired by the classic sounds of the ’50s and ’60s, these no-nonsense instruments embody style and playability like no other, says Gretsch. The series features two models: The Jet Single-Cut and the Center Block Double-Cut, both of which feature Bigsby tremolo tailpieces and gold hardware.

Read more about Gretsch’s new Pristine Electromatics

Martin launches remastered X Series guitars

Remastered X Series models displayed in a line. Each shows a different finish.
Image: Martin Guitar

Martin has launched a remastered lineup of its X Series guitars, offering new playability enhancements and unique high-pressure laminate design patterns.

The X Series was originally introduced back in 1998, offering a more affordable lineup suited for aspiring musicians and seasoned players. With this remastered collection, Martin Guitar “aims to redefine the expectations of what an affordable acoustic guitar can and should be”.

Read more about Martin’s remastered X Series

Charvel adds “cutting-edge” and “grin-inducing” Super-Stock DKA22

Charvel Super-Stock DKA22
Credit: Charvel

In the Charvel department, the most alluring announcement comes in the form of a brand-new model, the Super-Stock DKA22, which pairs “cutting-edge” high performance at a (reasonably) affordable price tag. With its no-frills aesthetic, a neck built for speed and a pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers, we can see Jim Root fans taking a liking to this one…

Read more about the Charvel Super-Stock DKA22

Fender launches its own loop switcher, the Switchboard

Fender Switchboard Effects Operator
Image: Fender

Amongst Fender’s entire pre-NAMM drop, there’s only one effects offering: the Switchboard Effects Operator. And, while it’s not really an effect, it’s perhaps the most intriguing product in the whole launch.

The Switchboard offers similar functionality to things like TheGigRiguit’s G3 Atom or Boss’ ES range. It features five stereo, true-bypass effects loops that you can toggle and rearrange into any order. Once a patch has been made, you can save it into a bank for instant recall. Presents are made via a small LCD screen and a rotary encoder.

Read more about the Fender Switchboard

Squier announces four Limited Edition Classic Vibe models

Squier guitars
Credit: Fender

Fender might not be attending NAMM itself, but that hasn’t stopped the guitar giant from unveiling a plethora of new products, both under the Fender name and under its owned brands, Squier, Jackson, Gretsch, Charvel and EVH.

In terms of Squier, there’s three new affordable six-strings and one bass – all boasting vintage-style appointments and aesthetics, but with a modern twist. And the best part? They all clock in under £500…

Read more about Squier’s new Classic Vibe offerings

Walrus Audio Silt harmonic fuzz pedal

Walrus Audio Silt
Credit: Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio has lifted the lid on the Silt, a two-in-one harmonic fuzz pedal designed in collaboration with tube expert Jim Hagerman of Hagerman Amplification.

Promising a “unique and wild sonic landscape”, the Silt is loaded with a 12AU7 preamp tube which delivers “warm, bone-rattling fuzz”. Not only does the feature offer the traditional grit and growl expected from a fuzz pedal, it also adds a layer of harmonic complexity that’s unique to tube-driven effects.

Read more about the Walrus Audio Silt

Gibson launches its first amps since 1967

It’s been nearly 60 years since Gibson stopped producing its own amps, but thanks to the acquisition of Mesa/Boogie back in 2021, the guitar giant is back in the game.

Handcrafted in Petaluma, California and paying homage to the original Gibson Falcons – the very first amps available with reverb – the Falcon 5 and Falcon 20 feature Jensen Blackbird speakers, multi-watt settings, 6V6 power tubes, which can be substituted with 6L6s, and an alluringly vintage aesthetic.

Read more about the Gibson Falcon 5 and Falcon 20

Is Walrus Audio about to release an amplifier?

Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner plugged in with guitar
Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner plugged in with guitar

Is Walrus Audio releasing an amplifier? This is the question that has plagued fans of the boutique pedal manufacturer after it recently shared a cryptic photo of a vacuum tube to its social media accounts, and teased with the caption “A clue? Yeah it’s a clue.” We haven’t heard anything else to confirm such an announcement yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Read more about a potential Walrus Audio amp

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